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Screamin’ Seeman Off Road is a truck conversion shop specializing in Chevy, GMC & Cummins truck conversions, engine rebuilds & mechanical repair services.  We also have a metal fabrication & precision machine shop with the abilities to custom-design any hi-performance part or engine component you may need.

We are located in Faribault, MN but we ship our Parts & Products anywhere in the US!

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Swapping a 5.9L Cummins into A 1973 to 1991 Suburban

Truck Trend Network

We’re going to create a simple truck that exploits the versatility, durability, and efficiency diesels offer. The Doomsday Diesel Suburban will be part getaway car and part urban-assault vehicle. It’ll have all-terrain capability, a 1,000-mile fuel range, and enough room to carry a small squad of survivors.

New Products: Diesel Swaps! Everything You’ll Need to Pull Off a Diesel Conversion, Plus a Little Motivation.

Diesel World

The questions we usually have when going to swap a diesel into something that didn’t originally come with one generally start off with matching an engine’s power output to a project’s needs. That’s one of the most fun parts as it’s usually accompanied with a bit of bench racing and dreams of how the project will perform in the end (be it a boat, hot rod, pickup or bar stool racer). After that, question’s trend towards “Will it fit?” or “Is it possible to pull off?”